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Offset in Logistic Regression

Generalized Linear Model Offset

Univariate Analysis IV

Generalized Lorenz Curve Weight of Evidence

Artificial Neural Networks

Back Propagation Neural Networks

Univariate Analysis III

Model Evaluation Variable Selection

Univariate Analysis II

Model Evaluation Variable Selection

Univariate Analysis I

Model Evaluation Variable Selection

Spectral Theory II

Spectral Decomposition Fourier series

Regression using TensorFlow 2.0

TensorFlow 2.0 Customized Layers

Self-adjoint Mappings

Self-adjoint Diagonalization algorithm

Multivariate Spatial Models

Coregionalization Model MCMC

Classification by Regression

Linear Regression Classification

Euclidean Structure

Linear Algebra Riesz Representation Scalar Product

Penalized Regression


Spectral Theory

Linear Algebra Spectral Theory Jordan Normal Form

Linear Methods for Regression I

Linear Regression Softmax Regression Gram Schmidt

Extreme Value Distributions

Extreme Value Theory GEV GPD

The Four Subspaces

Linear Algebra Subspaces

Convergence of Random Variables II

Law of large numbers Renewal-reward

Convergence of Random Variables I

Statistics Convergence

Finding Convex Hull in 2D

Python Programming

Generalized Linear Models VI

Data Cleaning Tidyverse Poisson Model

Generalized Linear Models V

GLM Poisson Log-linear Model

Generalized Linear Models IV

GLM Nested Random Effect

Generalized Linear Models III

GLM Augmented CAR MCMC

Coding a Decision Tree in Python

Machine Learning Python Recursive Programming

Generalized Linear Models II

GLM IWLS Bayesian

Generalized Linear Models I

GLM IWLS Frequentist

The Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm

MCMC Metropolis-Hastings

The Simplex Method

Linear Programming Optimization

The Akaike Information Criterion

AIC Model Selection

Bayesian Spatial Model

Bayesian Hierarchical Model

Bagging and Random Forest

Ensemble Learning Random Forest

Regression with Cluster Effect

Regression Support Vector Regression

The N-queens Problem

Backtracking Recursion

The Game of Craps

Monte Carlo Gambling

Bayesian Linear Regression

Gibbs sampling Bayesian

Training a Convolutional Neural Network

CNN TensorFlow

Forecasting by Regression

Time Series Machine Learning

The Bayesian Paradigm II

Frequentist Bayesian

The Bayesian Paradigm I

Frequentist Bayesian

Bootstrap Sampling

Bootstrap ggplot2

Gradient Boosting Machine

Machine Learning Gradient Boosting

Introduction to AdaBoost

Machine Learning Boosting AdaBoost

The KL Divergence

Statistics TensorFlow

Support Vector Machine and the Kernel Trick

SVM Machine Learning

Deep Neural Network with TensorFlow

TensorFlow Deep Learning

Visualizing High Dimensional Data

Graphing Machine Learning

Tuning a Deep Learning Model

Deep Learning Model Tuning

Classification of Chest X-Ray Image II

Image Classification Deep Learning

Building a Deep Neural Network from Scratch

Image Classification Deep Learning

Classification of Chest X-Ray Image I

Image Classification Logistic Regression

Gradient Descent in a Neural Network

Matrix Calculus Neural Network

The Cross Entropy and Maximum Likelihood Estimator

Statistics Machine Learning

The Naive Bayes Classifier

Statistics Machine Learning

Evaluating a Machine Learning Model II

Statistics Machine Learning

Visualizing Linear Transformation in the Plane

Linear Algebra Plotly

Understanding Principal Component Analysis III

Machine Learning Linear Algebra

Using Absorbing States in a Markov Chain

Probability Stochastic Process

Evaluating a Machine Learning Model I

Statistics Machine Learning

K-Fold Cross-Validation: Right Way vs Wrong Way

Statistics Machine Learning

Understanding Principal Component Analysis II

Statistics Machine Learning

Understanding Principal Component Analysis I

Statistics Machine Learning

Blogging with Jupyter Notebook

HTML CSS Jupyter Notebook

Estimation of Weighted Data

Data Analysis Pandas Weighted Sample Estimation